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to Chew Gum

It tastes great and is fun to chew.

Moistens mouth.

Stimulates brain activity.
Builds speech-motor skills.
Gum keeps its flavor for a long time.
Freshens breath.
Satisfies snack cravings.
Cleans teeth after meals.
Helps to fight tooth decay.
It's Fun !!!

Limited Series GumArt

ChewByNumbers is enjoyable from start to finish. From the first chew to the final spread, a ChewByNumbers kit teaches valuable lessons and skills while keeping the artist engaged through the imaginative and tasty process of GumArting.

There are several different ChewByNumbers kits to choose from. These kits are made fresh daily to fulfill your orders and new designs will continue to be launched. Please join the ChewByNumbers mailing list by sending an email to kits@chewbynumbers.com and you will receive notification when new kits are available.

Kit #7
Chicle Pet
Chew-By-Numbers Gum Art Kit  
Chew-By-Numbers Gum Art Kit

Kit #7

Kit Contains:

  • 1 GumArt board with printed design (5” x 7”)
  • 62 pieces of gum including:
    • 3 packs of Stride®#
    • 1 pack of Fruit Stripe®**
    • 1 pack of Extra®****
  • Gum reference guide
  • Gum chewing and spreading instructions

price: $15.95

Create Different Hair Styles
Thick Hair
Wide Hair
Thin Hair
No Hair
Chew-By-Numbers Gum Art Kit
Chew-By-Numbers Gum Art Kit
Chew-By-Numbers Gum Art Kit
Chew-By-Numbers Gum Art Kit