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It tastes great and is fun to chew.

Moistens mouth.

Stimulates brain activity.
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Satisfies snack cravings.
Cleans teeth after meals.
Helps to fight tooth decay.
It's Fun !!!

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Chew-By-Numbers Kit Instructions

There is one essential rule in completing your Chew-By-Numbers kit. You must chew the gum until all of the flavor, sugar, and oils are out of the gum. This requires at least 15 minutes of chewing per piece. The good news: chewing the gum is half the fun!

Each color of gum is assigned a Number. Each area on your GumArt board is marked with a Number. Match the Numbers and spread the gum to complete your Chew-By-Numbers kit. For example, if you chew the gum that is labeled #1, spread it in the area marked with a #1 on your GumArt board. Each kit contains a detailed chart to help you identify your gum whether it is chewed or unchewed.

Chew-By-Numbers is not something that should be completed all at once. You should enjoy chewing the gum and when you are finished chewing, spread the gum in the right place on your GumArt board. You can also save your chewed gum and wait until you have several pieces before you start spreading. Make sure you save each color in a different pile so the different colors donít mix together.

To make the gum soft again you can run warm water over the gum while you squeeze it with your fingers. It doesnít take much time before the gum is soft and easy to spread. You can also place the saved gum in a bowl of warm water and let it sit for a couple minutes.

You should always have a little bowl of water with you when you are making GumArt. If the gum feels like it is sticking to your fingers, dip your fingers in some water while working with the gum.

Donít try to spread an entire piece of chewed gum at one time. You should try biting or breaking the chewed gum into smaller pieces first. This makes it easier to fill the art board.

It is best to complete the background of the picture first. In general, Chew-By-Numbers kits are numbered in the order they should be completed so try to start with the lowest number and work up to the highest. There is nothing wrong with chewing out of order but it will make the art more challenging to complete.

To summarize, here is a short list of instructions:

  1. Select the gum you want to chew and remember the number.
  2. Chew the gum for at least 15 minutes until all the flavor is gone
    • (optional) Save the gum to spread it at a later time (remember to separate each color that you save)
    • (optional) When you are ready to spread the chewed gum, soften the gum by placing it in warm water and squeezing it with your fingers.
  3. Keep your fingers moist with water to prevent the gum from sticking.
  4. Spread a small amount of the gum at a time into the correct number area on your GumArt board.
  5. Keep chewing and spreading until you have completed your ChewByNumbers kit.
Once you have completed your Chew-By-Numbers kit you will have a beautiful piece of GumArt to display and show your friends. To preserve your art, get some clear acrylic spray and apply a couple coats to your art. This will keep dust off the art and help to keep it bright and picturesque.

To see other pictures of GumArt, go to www.GumArt.com

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Advanced GumArt Techniques
Tips for chewing, storing, and spreading


Tip #1: Donít swallow the gum. You canít spread it on your art-board if it is in your belly.

Tip #2: If you are not sure if you have chewed your gum long enough, take it out of your mouth a place it gently on the wrapper. Wait 5 minutes and start to chew it again. If it tastes sweet or has flavor, then it needs more chewing.

Tip #3: You can chew more than 1 piece of gum at a time just make sure the pieces you chew are all the same color or number.


Tip #1: Find a container to store your chewed gum. Remember that you do not want to mix the colors so find a container big enough to separate the different pieces of chewed gum. The container will protect your gum and prevent the gum from accidentally being thrown away or stuck to something it shouldnít be stuck to.

Tip #2: When you have finished chewing your gum, place it on the wrapper it came out of and put it in your storage container. This will help you remember the number of the gum since the wrapper has the number printed on it. If you are chewing a gumball, there is no wrapper so you need to mark the area you placed the gum with the number.

Tip #3: If you forget the gumís number, use the gum reference card to help you remember the right number.


Tip #1: Wash your hands before you start spreading the gum so you donít get your gum dirty.

Tip #2: Keep your fingers moist with water so the gum wonít stick to them.

Tip #3: Try spreading a small amount of gum at a time. If you try to spread a large wad, it will be difficult to spread.

Tip #4: To make smooth lips you need to save enough gum to make one entire lip. Warm up the chewed gum with water, keep you fingers moist, and shape the lip. When you think it looks good, place it on the GumArt board.

Tip #5: Always spread the background gum first. This allows you to go over the edge of the background with the next color gum. For example, if you are making a head, spread the gum for the face first then add the eyes, nose, and mouth over the background face gum.