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to Chew Gum

It tastes great and is fun to chew.

Moistens mouth.

Stimulates brain activity.
Builds speech-motor skills.
Gum keeps its flavor for a long time.
Freshens breath.
Satisfies snack cravings.
Cleans teeth after meals.
Helps to fight tooth decay.
It's Fun !!!

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FAQ’s for ChewByNumbers

Q - How long should I chew the gum?
A - Chew the gum until all the flavor, sugar, and oils are out of the gum. This is usually around 15 minutes. Remember, half the fun is in the chewing!

Q – What happens if I stop chewing before the flavor, sugar, and oils are out of the gum?
A - The sugar in the gum will surface to the top of the chewed gum once it is spread on the board. This will make the art sticky and reduce the beauty of your GumArt masterpiece.

Q - How do I determine what piece of gum to chew?
A - It is recommended to chew background pieces first and work your way to the detail.

Q -What if I’ve chewed the gum, but I’m not ready to place it on the board?
A – You can save your gum and spread it at a later time. Find a plastic box or small plastic cups to store the gum in so it won’t get lost. Remember the number and location of each piece and don’t let the colors mix. When you are ready to spread the gum, run warm water over it while squeezing with your fingers and it will become soft again.

Q - What if I have multiple colors of chewed gum to store?
A – Try using a small plastic cup for each color or a container large enough that you can separate each color.

Q – What do I do if the gum is too hard to spread?
A - Run the gum under warm water while you squeeze it with your fingers.

Q - What do I do if the gum sticks to my fingers?
A - Dipping your fingers in water while working with the gum will prevent the gum from being sticky. You should always have a little cup of water nearby while you spread the gum. Keep your fingers moist and the gum won't stick.

Q - How do I know what color gum goes with what number on the board?
A- The ChewByNumbers kit includes a gum reference guide which shows the gum number and gum color.

Q - What do I do if I forget what number I chewed?
A – You can compare the color to the ones listed on the gum reference guide. There is also a color photo of a completed kit as a guide.

Q – Can I enlist the help of chewers?
A - Of course! This should be a fun project for the whole family!